Polotsk Light Festival - 2018
How was the first light festival in the north of Belarus
What is Polotsk
Light Festival?
Festival took place in the framework of Energy Days during City Day in Polotsk. Light installations appeared on city streets as well as thematic events held.

Polotsk Light Festival is a part of PubLiCity project, which is co-funded by the European Union within EU4Energy initiative.
Festival in numbers
Light installations appeared on the streets
Thematic events took place during Festival
Citizens and city guests visited the Festival of Light and the City Day in Polotsk
Within the Festival 10 light installations were placed on the streets of Polotsk. Six of them appeared due to the competition within the project, three of them were made by local schoolchildren and one of installations appeared after the master class for children together with the local Urban Design Center.
Photos made by Aelita Chervonnaya, Pavel Zaitsev, Igor Paznyak, Alfred Mikus, Andrey Martinkevich, Veloklub Versta, Museum of traditional hand weaving
More than a dozen of events
in the city and online
3D mapping
On the building of Hotel Dvina Watch how it was
Free night guided tours of the city centre
Citizens and guests of the Festival explored local attractions and light installations
Light shows and Light drawing workshops
We looked at the luminous at the dark installatoins, painted on the light screen with Theater "Dom Solntsa"
Evening in the museums
Nine museums of the Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve had later opening hours
Holi festival of colours and glowing balloons
In Park of Culture and Recreation
Free night photography workshop
from the photographer Alfred Mikus
Festival menu
In 14 cafes and restaurants of the city
Fire and light show and light puppet performances
It was interesting both for children and adults Watch the photoreport
Light bike ride in the city centre
We spined the pedals along the night Polotsk! Watch photoreport
Contest in social networks "Best photo of the Light Festival"
Likes and energy-efficient prizes
Light flash mob
It was colorful!
Walk and talk tour about stars
We talked about stars and admired the starry sky over Polotsk
Music in the dark
The symphonic orchestra played classics hits in the dark
Weaving in twilight
An interactive illuminated guided tour in the local Museum of Traditional Weaving. Watch how it was
Their ideas of light installations were offered by students during the first light hackatoon at the Polotsk State University. Watch here how it was.
What installations appeared in the city
Anastasia Nikitina
Author of Stars installation, student of the Belarusian National Technical University
The installation combines the Belarusian culture with environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. The materials were environmentally friendly: wood, glass and metal. This is my first experience of creating such an installation. I am glad that the local authorities and Interakcia Foundation helped to bring this idea to life and the installation remained standing after the festival. It's great that such events as the Festival of Light in Polotsk attract attention to regional cities.
Karina Belyachits and Vasilisa Metla in cooperation with the PolotskVodokanal
The authors of the installation of Light-Water, students of the Polotsk State University
Light and water are the basis of existence of life. With this installation, we want to draw the attention of visitors to the problem of consuming these resources.

We developed the installation concept on hakaton in March, and then we submitted this idea to the contest within the project. We are glad that we were able to realize the idea and an interesting object appeared in the city.
Alexander Stankevich, Valeria Kashnikova and Andrei Kosyakov
The authors of the installation of the Time Loop, students of the Polotsk State University
The idea of our installation is to show the lost monuments of Polotsk architecture. We believe that with the help of wood and simple LED tapes, you can create interesting and energy-efficient objects for urban space. For example, this installation consumes only 3 kilowatts per hour.
Tatyana Tyapko and Alexandra Kulakova
Authors of the installation Ozone sphere, students of the Polotsk State University
We wanted to draw the attention of citizens to the problem of climate change. Our installation is an ozone sphere with "holes" in it. When a man brings his hand to the "hole", it lights up. So we wanted to show that the fate of the planet is in our hands.
Polotsk schools have already been participating for five years in the Energy Days. This time the students together with the teachers presented four installations. Three of them the pupils did together with the teachers. And one more installation, self supporting LED light fixtures Light (Re) Cycle, was created during the master class from the local community of students-architects "Center for Urban Studies and Design."
Natalia Tikhomirova, Education department methodist of the Polotsk District Executive Committee
Sergey Leuchenko
First Deputy Chairman of the Polotsk District Executive Committee
The light festival is a new format of events for us. Since 2012, together with Interakcia Foundation, we have held the Days of Energy in Polotsk, and this year we´ve decided to adopt the foreign experience and hold the event in such format. We wanted to interest everyone the young and adults with this festival. According to the reviews of citizens and guests of the city, we see that we succeeded.
Maria Porchuk
Project Manager of the EU Initiative of the Covenant of Mayors "Modernization of street lighting in the city of Chernovtsy" (Ukraine)
A similar project for the modernization of street lighting is being implemented in Chernovtsy. Now we are at the beginning of the journey and have come to learn from the experience of our Belarusian colleagues.

The Light Festival is an excellent format for working with the public. It is not enough to replace lamps in the street, you need to show the residents what light is like, how to use it and save it. We hope to hold such festoval in Chernovtsy.
3D - mapping on the building was showed for the first time during Light Festival in Polotsk. Watch video!
Filmed by Oly White
You can find photos of the visitors of Light Festival in Polotsk in social media with hashtags #Полоцк #ФестивальСвета #EUforBelarus #ЕСдляБеларусі
Congratulations to winners of photo contest - VK user Anna Kishkurno and Instagram user @mamaria_hope.
During the Festival, visitors voted for the most environmentally friendly installation. In total 207 people voted, Stars installation won. Congratulations!
The Light Festival in Polotsk is among the most famous light festivals in the world in the calendar of Light Urban Community International
We are thankful to everyone who has been with us before and throughout the Festival
Delegation of the European Union in Belarus
Polotsk Regional Executive Committee
KUP "Housing and communal services in Polotsk"
The branch "Polotsk electrical networks" of RUE "Vitebskenergo"
UE Polotskvodokanal
Center for Urban Studies and Design and personally Tatyana Tereshchenko and Andrey Verigo
Tourist center of Polotsk
Polotsk National Museum-Reserve

Polotski vestnik newspaper
Web site gorod214.by and personally Alexander Ermats and Aelita Chervonne

Authors of installations:

Sergei Novitsky, Vasilisa Metla, Karina Belyachits, Tatyana Tyapko, Alexander Kulakov, Daria Akhrameyko, Anastasia Nikitin, Karin Kapunkin, Valery Kashnikov, Alexander Stankevich, Andrey Kosyakov, Alexander Shershnev, Natalia Tikhomirov, teachers and pupils of the Polotsk and Polotsk schools.

For 3D-mapping: GrandLight Studio, Pavel Plakh and Julia Kovyazin and Alexander Bobelya

Those who did "vivid" events:
Theater "House of the Sun" and Galina Savelieva
Cinema "Rodina"
Velodok Cycling Club
Polotsk Branch of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union
Timofey Avilina and Oksana Kozel
Alfred Mikus

Alfabot.xyz and personally Alain Yaskevich and Alexander Shilyaev for Telegram-bot
Podrugadruga and Dina Leonov for design and Capital for printing materials
What is Energy Days
Light Festival in Polotsk took place within the framework of Energy Days. The events have been hold since 2012 as the first signatory of Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy in Belarus. These events promote the idea of energy sufficiency among citizens.

Energy Days take place every year in Europe during Sustainable Energy Days.
Still got questions?
Marina Borisova

Communication & Visibility Manager of the PubLiCity project
Telephone: +375 29 873 35 82
E-mail: borisova@eu-belarus.net
Project "PubLiCity" is funded by the European Union within the framework of EU4Energy initiative.
The EU4Energy Initiative covers all EU support to improve energy supply, security and connectivity, as well as to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewables in the Eastern Partner countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. It does this by financing projects and programmes that help to reform energy markets and to reduce national energy dependence and consumption. Over the longer term, this makes energy supply more reliable, transparent and affordable, thus reducing energy poverty and energy bills for both citizens and the private sector.More information on: www.EU4Energy.eu.

This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union in the framework of the EU4Energy Initiative. The contents are the sole responsibility of Local Foundation for Promotion of International Dialogue and Cooperation 'Interakcia' and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.
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